Libraries, Research, and Academic Support

Library Services

The libraries provide information and instruction to every Monroe College student as a central element of the educational experience. The collections span the entire academic curriculum, including materials of interest within and outside the scope of courses. In addition to onsite resources and reference assistance, Monroe College offers students extensive online library and research tools and resources. The libraries provide access to print and electronic books and journals, databases, research guides, librarians, the Virtual Library, and other academic libraries (WALDO). Discovery for Monroe College is a search platform that simultaneously searches approximately 70% of the Libraries’ electronic resources. Research Guides use the LibGuides platform, which assists students with their research needs. To visit the Monroe College Libraries go to:

Academic Support Services

The College provides various mechanisms of student academic support, including tutoring services for all students at no cost, and information literacy and research tools via Monroe College Libraries. 

The Student Success Center in the Bronx and the Academic Center in New Rochelle actively support the mission of the College in its commitment to each student's academic success in a supportive environment. These Centers foster independent learning techniques that contribute to the student's academic and personal growth while encouraging personal responsibility and accountability for one's own learning.  

The Centers employ professional and peer tutors to assist students one-on-one.  A variety of instructional approaches are utilized depending on the learning style and proficiency of the learner.  The Centers provide comprehensive academic support, services, and resources for faculty, staff and administrators designed to enhance student academic achievement and success. 

Graduate Research Center (GRC) and King Graduate School (KGS) Academic Center 

The Graduate Research Center (GRC) and KGS Academic Center provide a wide range of academic support services for King Graduate School students.  Both centers offer assistance in the areas of writing, research, statistical analysis, and subject-specific peer tutoring. Services include:

  • Academic writing, including support for ESL students
  • Academic research, including APA formatting, thesis development, and design and analysis of research projects
  • Information literacy resources and skills support
  • Statistical support
  • Data analysis support for both faculty and students
  • Subject-specific academic support

For additional information or assistance with Graduate Research or KGS Academic Support Services:

Graduate Research Center •  
KGS Academic Center •
Aruna Jarju • Academic Support Coordinator •
Amanda Ramlochan • Director • Graduate Research
Marilyn Reside • Director • Library Services