Forensic Psychology (FP)

FP-600  -  Forensic Mental Health in the Courts   (3 cr)  

This course examines the relationship between psychology, criminal justice and the law. Students will gain a broad and fundamental understanding of psychology theory, applicable research in the field of forensic psychology and resulting policies. Forensic mental health in the courts will be examined through the study of methods of interview and psychological and risk assessments to determine competency to stand trial and sentencing in capital punishment cases.

FP-650  -  The Psychopathology of Serial Offenders: Understanding Behavioral Patterns   (3 cr)  

This course exposes students to various types of serial offenders. Using criminal investigation tools and techniques, this course provides students with the basic understanding of how crime scene analysis, deconstruction, and reconstruction are used to profile serial offenders. Students will learn how to identify the motives of serial offenders by using psychological and physical evidence discovered at the crime scene. Students will also learn to understand how to use patterns of criminal behavior and geography to create criminal profiles.

Prerequisite: FP-600  
FP-675  -  The Trauma of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence - Assessment, Intervention, Treatment   (3 cr)  

This course will allow students to differentiate between domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Students will identify the various types and patterns of abusive behavior. Trauma to primary and secondary victims resulting from the abusive behavior will also be examined. Assessments will include the impact of mental health disorders, prior trauma, substance use disorder on abusive behaviors. The use of effective intervention strategies will also be explored.

FP-700  -  Forensics: Psychological and Neurobehavioral Assessment Tools   (3 cr)  

This course will expose students to various types of psychological measurements used to assess the forensic population. In addition to traditional diagnoses focusing on behaviors associated with aggression, hostility, depression, substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders, students will also explore mental disorders resulting from brain disorders. Neurobehavioral assessments used to explore brain disorders associated with mental disorders will also be examined.

Prerequisite: FP-600  
FP-750  -  Forensics Practicum and Seminar   (3 cr)  

This course is designed to grant students with an opportunity for field placement experience in various settings related to the field of forensic psychology. Students will gain practical experience in assessing and observing treatment plans and referrals for the affected forensic population. Students will also explore various topics and issues in the seminar portion to the field experience class. Seminar classes will meet on a regular basis to ensure a quality field placement experience.

Prerequisite: FP-700  
Designation: Field Experience  
FP-800  -  Integrative Capstone Seminar in Forensic Psychology   (3 cr)  

This is a capstone course which allows students to synthesize the accumulated knowledge, theories and issues in their students of forensic psychology. Students will demonstrate competencies in the areas of research, critical thinking, extensive writing and analysis and cogent oral arguments and presentations.

Prerequisite: CJ-620