Marketing (MK) - Graduate Courses

MK-ELE  -  Marketing Elective   (3 cr)  

Marketing elective course(s)

Corequisite: Take a Marketing Elective course.  
MK-775  -  International Marketing   (3 cr)  

This course is intended to enhance students' understanding of the complexities of marketing products and services in the international market. Students utilize an analytical approach to solving complex business problems in a dynamic, global marketplace. Emphasis is on applying a multidisciplinary framework to evaluate economic, financial, political, regulatory, socio-cultural, and technological issues when planning and implementing an international marketing strategy.

Prerequisite: MG-660  
MK-776  -  Interactive and Direct Marketing   (3 cr)  

This course examines the growth of various digital marketing formats for conducting interactive and direct marketing. In the current marketplace, consumers desire the speed and control that new digital and social media formats provide. Students are introduced to and build upon traditional foundations of direct marketing while learning how to apply new technology. Students learn how to develop a strategic and effective creative plan integrating different media platforms.

Prerequisite: MG-660  
MK-777  -  Consumer Behavior   (3 cr)  

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the various dimensions of consumer behavior, including how consumers search for information and make purchasing decisions. Internal motivations, as well as external influences are explored. Students gain experience in the application of buyer behavior concepts to marketing management and social policy decision-making, and develop the ability to analyze behavioral research data and methodology.

Prerequisite: MG-660