Economics (EC)

EC-201  -  Macroeconomics   (3 cr)  

This course provides an introduction to macroeconomic theory. It studies the economy as a whole, the nature of national income, gross national product, investment, employment, and problems of economic growth. Also examines how fiscal and monetary policy are utilized to maintain stability of the national economy. Recommend AC-163.

Designation: Social Science  
EC-203  -  Microeconomics   (3 cr)  

This course introduces students to the disciplines of microeconomics and provides a basic understanding of how microeconomics functions in today's society. This course centers on understanding the market for particular or individual outputs or inputs. It includes such topics as individual buyer and seller behavior, individual prices of goods and services, employment, and individual businesses and industries. This course also focuses on the household, the firm, and the industry. Recommend EC-201.

Designation: Social Science