Marketing (MK) - Undergraduate Courses

MK-101  -  Marketing Foundations   (3 cr)  

An introductory course that examines marketing functions and policies; consumer exchange behavior; product and product development; product life cycle; distribution channels; exporting and trade movement; standardization and grading; pricing, principles, policies and practices; government regulations; sales promotion; and management principles and practices.

MK-110  -  Social Media Marketing   (3 cr)  

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental tools for implementing a social networking marketing plan. It examines new channels of marketing, advertising, and communication that make up social media marketing and explores current examples and future opportunities in how marketing professionals can embrace online social networks, user generated content and content sharing, blogs, podcasts, wikis, and Twitter to create brand awareness.

MK-201  -  Integrated Advertising & Promotions   (3 cr)  

This course examines advertising principles, practices, and media strategy. Topics include media planning; the significance of print, television, radio, direct, and outdoor advertising; and consumer, product, and market analysis.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-202  -  Art of Selling   (3 cr)  

Provides in-depth coverage of the sales function and focuses on developing a sales personality, sales and the economy, opening and closing the sale, consumer motivation, advertising and sales techniques. Practical applications designed to improve communication techniques are thoroughly examined.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-203  -  Branding & Product Development   (3 cr)  

This course emphasizes the major phases of product introduction in today's markets. Management of products during various life cycle stages is covered. These include the planning stage, idea development, screening, setting objectives, business analysis and test marketing. The development stage and the evaluation stage are stressed. Product failures as well as factors leading to success are covered.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-205  -  Retail Management   (3 cr)  

An introductory course that provides students with an understanding of the basics of retailing. The retail environment, consumer behavior, the "retail mix", store site, design and layout, pricing policies, merchandise planning and keeping customers are topics studied. Pertinent case problems are used as an inttegral tool for developing decision-making ability.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-206  -  Digital & Search Engine Marketing   (3 cr)  

This course develops students' knowledge and understanding of how the internet is used to enhance marketing activities within an organization. Students are introduced to different online marketing techniques and are provided with a comprehensive overview of the internet and how web pages are designed to effectively advertise key benefits within an organization. Strategies designed to evaluate go or no/go marketing decisions are also introduced. Internet exercises, application, and real world cases are utilized to achieve overall learning goals.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MK-110 or MG-120  
MK-208  -  Internet Marketing Business Solutions   (3 cr)  

This course is designed to develop students' knowledge and understanding of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce): how it is being conducted and managed; its major opportunities; limitations, and risks. This course is structured around the notion that electronic commerce applications require certain technological infrastructures and other support mechanisms. These applications namely: business-to-consumers, business-to- business, and intrabusiness will be discussed extensively along with the infrastructure and the support services of electronic commerce. With the way the Internet has transformed the business landscape, this course should be of interest to students aiming for managerial positions in any function area of the business world. Internet exercises, applications, and real world cases will be used to achieve overall learning goals.

Prerequisite: MG-101 or MG-120 or MK-101  
MK-212  -  Market Research   (3 cr)  

This course covers the systematic design, collection, interpretation and reporting of information to marketing decision makers. Particular attention is devoted to approaches to solving marketing problems and to taking advantage of marketing opportunities. Emphasized are research design, sources of data, collecting data, preparing questionaires, sampling techniques, converting the data to information, and reporting the information.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-322  -  Marketing Management   (3 cr)  

This course deals with the problems involved in selecting channels of distribution, pricing management, product planning and development, marketing strategy, marketing industrial products, and advertising and marketing communications. The course emphasizes planning, organizing, and controlling a business firm's total marketing program.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310  
MK-342  -  Consumer Behavior   (3 cr)  

This course is a study of consumer issues concerning the acquisition, consumption, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas domestically and from a cross-cultural perspective. The course focuses on the various aspects of consumer buying behavior, consumer motivation, persuasion, sociological aspects of consumption, and the psychology of consumer preferences.

Prerequisite: MK-101 or MG-120 or HP-310