Civic Studies Minor

The minor in Civic Studies allows students to explore their role and responsibilities in civic life and governance. Students will gain a real-life perspective on the value of political participation at the grassroots level. Students will also discuss and evaluate themes relating to political process including voting rights, peaceful protests, the power of petitions, the U.S. Census and more.   The Civic Studies minor requires successful completion of 18 credits in civic studies-related courses. 

Best Fit Major:  Criminal Justice

Required Civic Studies Minor Courses
LA-103Introduction to Political Science3
LA-271Political Participation3
LA-272Politics in the City3
Elective Courses
Select three of the following:9
United States Court Systems
American History I: Independence to the Civil War
American History II: Reconstruction to The Present
Introduction to Civics and Political Engagement
The American Presidency
Campaigns and Elections
Introduction to International Politics
Politics in Film
Total Credits18