Paralegal Minor

Paralegal Studies Minor

The Paralegal Studies minor prepares students for meaningful careers in law-related disciplines.  Students are offered a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum based on the fundamentals of the law, especially as it relates to contemporary issues.  Through the practical and theoretical study of law, students will develop the essential legal writing, oral and legal research skills necessary to become knowledgeable and skillful legal assistants and paralegals.   Students will be trained in legal research databases and will be prepared to work in the areas of business law, family law, personal injury law, criminal law, property law and more. The Paralegal Studies minor requires successful completion of 30 credits in paralegal and criminal justice-related courses.

Best Fit Major:  Criminal Justice

LS-101Introduction to Paralegal Studies3
LS-201Legal Research and Writing3
LS-225Estates, Wills, and Trusts3
LS-250Personal Injury Law3
LS-300Law Practice Management3
LS-320Real Property Law3
LS-330Immigration Law3
CJ-201Family Law3
CJ-270Fundamentals of Criminal Trial Practice3
BL-201Business Law I3
Total Credits30