Public Health Minor

The 18-credit minor in Public Health prepares students for an understanding of the American Public Health and Health Care systems. This minor will give students basic knowledge on the health care system’s goals to protect and improve the health of people and communities through the proactive methods of education, injury and disease prevention, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Students will study the impact of socioeconomic, biological, behavioral, physical, social, and environmental factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities. This degree will prepare students to identify public health roles, responsibilities in government, and non-governmental agencies and private organization. Students who complete this minor will learn the fundamental aspects of practical applications of Public Health, including the study of diseases, environmental health, human and health behaviors, and public health policies. These courses may fulfill major-area or open electives. 

Best Fit Majors:  Health Services Administration and Human Services

Required Public Health Minor Courses
PH-111Public Health I3
PH-211Public Health II3
PH-220Principles of Epidemiology3
PH-255Health and Human Behavior3
PH-370Environmental Health Issues3
Elective Course
Select one of the following:3
Race, Ethnicity, and Health
Introduction to Global Health Issues
General Biology
Total Credits18